Having kicked-off 2018 with a very successful performance of Alwynne Pritchard’s Hospice Lazy in Bergen, Neither Nor is now preparing The Trouble with Windmills for performance in the Autumn. This will feature Thorolf Thuestad’s installation Giants and Horsemen. And we’ll be joining our wonderful friends at Scènes Théâtre Cinéma in Lyon, to continue developing our live film project Underground. This will be premiered in 2019. Watch this space.

Neither Nor productions is a Bergen-based music-theatre company led by Thorolf Thuestad and Alwynne Pritchard. Working from the premise of music as a cognitive process, a way of thinking, Neither Nor addresses means of making music-driven theatre. Investigating causal relationships between music, language, the human body, stage action, mechanics, kinetics, electronics and environment, Neither Nor addresses and redefines the balance of power between music and the many social structures it inhabits.